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Jim's Pharmacy understands that your health is the most important thing to you.

At Jim’s Pharmacy your health is the most important thing to us! Medications and insurance billing can really get confusing in today’s world of unprecedented health care choices. Jim’s Pharmacy is your resource for answers to many of your perplexing questions about health care and related issues. Our staff has extensive expertise to assist you with any drugs that may be prescribed for you. When you come to Jim’s you’ll see familiar faces every time. We get to know our clients as individuals and we care about each one’s well-being. Tell us what’s on your mind. Whether it’s pain management, cough and cold remedies, hormone replacement, sleep difficulties, or dosages for infants or the elderly, we’ll find the answers you need. Our Pharmacists are more than happy to take the time to consult with you and educate you on the use and effects of your prescriptions and our pharmacy staff consistently works on getting you your medications with the least amount of wait time possible.

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The traditional art and science of compounding prescriptions is alive and well at Jim's Pharmacy.

Drug manufacturers create medications in fixed dosages. This does not account for the vast physical differences between people. For example, body composition, genetics, age, and gender can all contribute to requirements that may be different from the pre-manufactured dosages. If your regiments fall somewhere between available dosage amounts, you’ll either get too much or not enough of the medication. A compounding pharmacy can make dosage forms that are not available for specific drugs from the manufacturer.

Jim's Pharmacy compounds hormone replacement therapies, pain management preparations, pediatric formulations, nausea medications, and much more. These preparations allow patients to receive the correct dosage much easier than would be possible with commercial products.

Jim’s Pharmacy compounds medications under strict guidelines to guarantee the highest quality product. Some of the benefits from compounded products include:

1. A prescription, if not commercially made, can be compounded in certain strengths to meet the specific needs of FLU SHOT KEVIN2-256x331a patient.

2. A person who cannot swallow pills can have a unique dosage form made for them, such as a concentrated

liquid, transdermal,or suppository.

3. People allergic to dyes, fillers, binders, and preservatives can have allergy-free dosage forms with documentation from their physician.

And don’t forget your pets! Jim’s also formulates medications for pets with a prescription from your Veterinarian in capsule, liquid or cream form and some formulations can be made into a yummy pet treat!



Our Pharmacists administer a wide variety of vaccines here at the pharmacy. Some vaccines require a prescription from your doctor and may be covered by your insurance. We offer the following vaccinations: seasonal flu, Tdap, shingles, pneumonia – Prevnar13 and Pneumovax23, Hepatitis A and B, Gardasil, and MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella). You do not need an appointment for vaccines as we always have a pharmacist on hand; however, Mondays through Wednesdays we are fully staffed so your wait time may be less on these days.

Other Great Services Jim’s Pharmacy Offers Our Customers

Ask our pharmacy staff about other services we offer such as our MedSync Program which decreases your number of visits and calls to us for your medications refills. It saves you time, and helps you be healthier and more adherent with your medication. We offer bubble packing, and a medicine on time multi-dose compliance packaging for folks who have a hard time remembering to take their medications. Additional services include: sharps container disposal and a drug take-back program where you can even dispose of most unwanted, unused, and expired medications right here at our store!


Our drive-up window is open during regular business hours seven days a week. Prescription refills may be sent in by submitting the RX Refill button located here on our website, by faxing us at 360-457-6557, or by phone at either 360-452-4200 or 800-421-0406. Free parking and prescription delivery are available within the city limits of Port Angeles, with Sequim deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays for your Home Health equipment & products!

Please note: We are revamping our prescription delivery service to Sequim residents as of April 1, 2017. Your medications can now be mailed to you. Please call us at least 5-7 days in advance to allow time for our pharmacy personnel to process your orders in a timely manner and mailing time for your package to arrive at your residence.