Walk into Jim's Pharmacy and you'll immediately notice a feeling of warmth and caring.

Since its establishment in 1983, Jim's Pharmacy has grown with the community it serves. The skilled, professional staff are your friends and neighbors, committed to the customers they've worked with every day for almost 30 years.

As a locally owned and independent pharmacy, Jim's Pharmacy matches its services to the needs of its clientele, whether for prescriptions, compounding, consultations, home health care products, or simply a thoughtful gift or card. Providing a more personal alternative to big box pharmacies is a matter of pride.

As a fully integrated part of the community it serves, Jim's emphasizes a more personal approach to pharmacy. At Jim's, smaller equals more ... more responsive, more attentive and more customer-focused ... just what you're looking for when you're dealing with your health!

Jim's Pharmacy delivers remarkable hometown value and service.  Expect the best at Jim's Pharmacy!



The 6th Annual Jim's Pharmacy Scholarship is our "Shop With Loyalty, Shop Locally" charity of the month. 

During the month of February Jim's will donate a portion of our "OTC" profits and monetary amounts collected from our patrons and employees to assist a Port Angeles High School Senior with their College tuition.  Jim's Pharmacy will award an upcoming high school graduate who plans to attend college in the field of pharmacy or nursing.  Every time you purchase an over-the-counter item such as toothpaste, aspirin, etc., a portion of the profit will go toward this scholarship fund.  In addition, used books are being accepted for donations.  Please bring in your gently used books and take a look at the books being offered.



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