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Diabetes Care

Jim’s Pharmacy offers one of the largest selections of diabetic supplies and equipment on the Olympic Peninsula to help you live a healthier life. You’ll find blood glucose monitors, test strips, glucose tabs, diabetic foot creams, and much more all in one location. We train our customers on how to use the monitors and offer pre-fill insulin syringes.

Jim’s Pharmacy is excited to have Sandy Sinnes, RN, BSN, CDE on our staff. Sandy is available for diabetic consultations on Fridays at our store. Please call us at 452-4200 and schedule an appointment to ask Sandy questions about monitoring blood sugars, oral medications, injection techniques, insulin, and the advantage of using insulin pumps! Cost is $20.00 per half hour and $40.00 per hour.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Jim’s carries a broad array of over-the-counter (OTC) products, many of which are suggested by your physician but hard to find at big box stores. We stock hot and cold therapies such as Biofreeze and Sombra products, natural bug repellants in the form of a bracelet or patch, magic mud whitening tooth powder, Vinco brand refrigerated probiotics, and other probiotic brands for kids and adults. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask and we will be happy to order it for you. Our Pharmacists will answer any questions you may have about OTC products to ensure safety and compatibility with your other medications and conditions.

Vitamins & Supplements

vitamins2 We carry a full line of Nature's Blend & Mason brand vitamins & supplements!

See our Customer Service Dept. to sign up for our Free Vitamins for Kids Program for children ages 2-12! So far we have over 550 families on the program. No strings attached--just sign up and come in. Click on the link below!

Free vitamins For Kids - Jims Pharmacy

Foot Care

We stock a large selection of foot care products, many recommended by foot care specialists. If your Podiatrist has advised you to use a particular product such as products to help with hammer toe, plantar fasciitis or a certain arch pad, or Spenco and Powerstep inserts, we’re very likely to have it. We now carry Vionic sandals and slippers, featuring a built-in orthotic heel cup and arch support for natural alignment from the ground up!

And don’t forget, not only does Jim’s offer a 10% senior discount on all over-the-counter products to customers age 60 and over, but you help give back to your community. A portion of all OTC sales is included in the monies collected for our Shop with Loyalty/Shop Locally Monthly Charity Program.