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The traditional art and science of compounding prescriptions is alive and well at Jim's Pharmacy.

Drug manufacturers create medications in fixed dosages. This does not account for the vast physical differences between people. For example, body composition, genetics, age, and gender can all contribute to requirements that may be different from the pre-manufactured dosages. If your regiments fall somewhere between available dosage amounts, you’ll either get too much or not enough of the medication. A compounding pharmacy can make dosage forms that are not available for specific drugs from the manufacturer.

linda BJim's Pharmacy compounds hormone replacement therapies, pain management preparations, pediatric formulations, nausea medications, and much more. These preparations allow patients to receive the correct dosage much easier than would be possible with commercial products.

Jim’s Pharmacy compounds medications under strict guidelines to guarantee the highest quality product. Some of the benefits from compounded products include:

1. A prescription, if not commercially made, can be compounded in certain strengths to meet the specific needs of a patient.

2. A person who cannot swallow pills can have a unique dosage form made for them, such as a concentrated liquid, transdermal,or suppository.

3. People allergic to dyes, fillers, binders, and preservatives can have allergy-free dosage forms with documentation from their physician.

And don’t forget your pets! Jim’s also formulates medications for pets with a prescription from your Veterinarian in capsule, liquid or cream form and some formulations can be made into a yummy pet treat!