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Jim's Pharmacy's Gift Department employees (also known as Personal Shoppers!) couldn't be more excited to help you register for your big day. We're far more than a drug store--from candles, signs, kitchen gadgets, housewares and cards, to mugs and picture frames, you can always find something unique to register for here at Jim's. And sometimes it's nice to see the gifts up close instead of doing all your registering online. For a limited time, when the bride-to-be registers for 10 or more items, she will receive a $20 gift certificate toward an early present, just for her!

Know someone who registered at Jim's (or even someone who didn't)? Come on down and find a wonderful gift for the new couple, or ask the Gift Department to build a one-of-a-kind gift basket. Want your gift to look its very best? We also offer complimentary gift wrapping!

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Our gifts are ever changing so come down today and shop around! We'll be more than happy to assist you find that special something for the Bride-To-Be!